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This is me.

This is me. Woman with many interests and hobbies ~ not afraid to try anything new.

Having worked in a sewing factory (a long time ago) on the line and as a supervisor, I am a seamstress. I love to sew and create. No, I'm not "crafty." I'm not artistic. I just like to sew. And I can sew fast with Bertha, my industrial Singer.

I also love to cook. And I love to feed people. Especially friends and family that drop by. My Cuisinart is my friend! And, only fresh herbs will do so I like to grow my own. In fact, I like to grow lots of things in the kitchen garden.

For now, I'm just a federal employee, slaving away eight hours each day (your tax dollars at work!) doing menial tasks. My dream job would be sitting in a little room writing code all day long, putting to good use my degree in computer information systems (programming), creating web pages, computer programs, and databases. Oh, well.

Society for Creative Anachronism

My passion for history led me to the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) where I am known as Lady Elizabeth Hawkwood. Here, I can use my many talents and interests for research, making costumes, sewing tents and pavilions, camping, and cooking medieval feasts. I can also cut down trees and split logs to make bows and arrows; and then use the bows and arrows for archery practice.

Woman of many interests

There's a mundane world and the REAL world. I live in both. Mundanely, I'm known as Rhonda and I live in Fort Worth, Texas.

My alternate persona is Lady Elizabeth Hawkwood of the Shire of Loch Ruadh in the (SCA's) kingdom of Ansteorra.

My Family

Being a mom is so much fun. All four of my kids are grown and I have seven grandkids; oh, and one on the way, due in July 2008. (Woohoo! Way to go, Jon!) I love spoiling the grandkids, sugaring them up really good, pumping them full of caffiene, then sending them back home. Yes, life is wonderful!

The NEW Me - a change for the better!

Recently, I have taken up hiking. I have always loved to camp and, now that I have a camping/hiking buddy, I can get out more - go more places, see more stuff, and hike all over the place. It's so much fun! And it's a great way to tone up and lose weight.

I love to share the photos we take. Unusual stuff, ordinary stuff. It doesn't matter. The photos are memories that are special to me in some way or another. I hope you enjoy them, too.